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Building capacities: The ENABLE Training program

After the context analysis in the Country Review Reports, the ENABLE partners have co-designed, piloted and delivered a capacity building program based on the perceived and highlighted needs of PWD on the labour market. The training was piloted with more or less 65 people aged between 25 and 40 affected by mental and intellectual disabilities. The aim of the training is to empower them to be more active in society and raising their awareness on their potential and value in today's society and labour market. The program is be based on participatory and innovative learning techniques and aims to share with participants knowledge regarding their possibilities and rights and prepare them to the self-promotion activities.

The 72 hours of training are divided in 3 different Modules, each with a different focus.

Module 1 fosters Creativity and divergent thinking, and relies on drawing activities and problem-solving situations to build the self-esteem of the participants.

Module 2 , named "Empowerment", aims at helping the participants to think about their strengths, weaknesses, goals, ambitions and fears, in order to become aware of how they want to present themselves to the world.

Module 3 is dedicated to Digital Skills, and introduces the participants to an effective use of ICT and social media in order to brand themselves and get in touch with potential employers. The program is rounded off with CV writing and job interviews.

After this program, the participants should be ready to contact interested employers and interact with them.

Curious about our training program?

It can be used as a whole, but individual lessons can also be fun and useful.

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