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The ENABLE project supports the introduction, implementation and promotion of innovative and qualitative elements in non-formal education and disability work bringing together the target group of people with mental disabilities with the field of employment and labour market in partner countries (Belgium, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain) that are severely struck by unemployment rates, which become even higher if we take into consideration people affected by disabilities in general.


ENABLE lies on the assumption that the inclusion of disabled people and the fight against negative stereotypes is strictly connected with the activation of the target group and their increased role in society. In fact, the project will mainly focus on how to fully express the gifts of a person with mental disability to live a free and autonomous life, and share the lessons learned with their communities in order to prevent and reduce prejudices.


By relying on the evaluation of people with disabilities, workers and experts in the fields of social inclusion and employment in five partner countries, ENABLE addresses participation and inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. Furthermore, utilizing theater method for information sessions on employment policies at national and EU level, the project opens up a creative methodology to the participation of disabled people. The assessment, personal branding and video curricula elements of the ENABLE activities aim to strengthen participation of people with disabilities essentially in the labor market. The campaigning days and International Meeting in Brussels on the other hand will counter prejudices against the mobility, creativity and employability of people with disabilities. Production of video curricula and campaigning videos in five partner countries will exhibit actual outputs of creative participation of unemployed people in the project.

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