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The leading partner, Ateliers Indigo (Belgium), is a spin-off of Plateau96, a not-for-profit Center for Expression and Creativity (CEC) recognized by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles since 1978. The organisation’s primary objective is the integration and inclusion of people with a physical and/or mental disability, regardless of their age. They will bring a specific expertise in organizing workshops referred to as “adapted artistic support” which greatly enhance work conditions, training and the promotion of artists with disabilities or having psychic disorders, provided they are eager to take part in a process of cultural and artistic identification mixed and free of any determination related to their personal situations.


Fundacion INTRAS (Spain) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1994 dedicated to high quality research and intervention in the mental health field. INTRAS nowadays consists of 12 centers in six different provinces in Spain with more than 240 staff members. The main target group of INTRAS consists of people suffering from mental disorders, whereby the organisation also performs activities and offers services to the disabled, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion in general. In the framework of ENABLE, Fundación INTRAS’ work approach will be the “Recovery Model” which is focused on the empowerment of people with mental health issue to fulfill their project of life, despite their severe/permanent illness.


BES Cooperativa Sociale (Italy) is an Italian social cooperative which offers services in Information and Communication Technology’s field (ICT), and promotes the insertion, of young unemployed people, with particular attention to "disadvantaged people". Specifically, BES targets people with high functioning autism and Asperger's syndrome who often have a predisposition for computer-structured activities and special attention to detail. The objective of the training courses is the promotion of job inclusion by expanding and refining technical-specific and trans-versal skills.

OZARA d.o.o.

OZARA D.O.O.(Slovenia) is a private company founded in 2006 providing disabled people with professional and work rehabilitation, comprehensive assistance and employment support both within the company and elsewhere in the labor market. In 2006, they established the employment center OZARA ZC, d. o. o., which offers the opportunity to employ disabled people exclusively in protected workplaces.

The Romanian League for Mental Health

The Romanian League for Mental Health (Romania) is an inter-professional, non-governmental organization, founded in 1990 at the initiative of a group of psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals and which is active in the domain of the mental health field and open to all persons or groups interested and preoccupied of this field. They joined this proposal as for feeding its mission to become the most powerful knowledge-based organization influencing government policy and promoting alternatives in mental health area in Romania.

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